By: Laura Sherman

One of the highlights of being in SPSU’s architecture program is participating in the annual design charette. A charette is a collaboration of design ideas and development of those ideas in a very short time frame. These often produce the best ideas! It also gives all year level students the chance to learn from each other. It is organized by SPSU’s very own American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS). The theme of this year’s annual all-level architecture charette was to design a pavilion for SPSU’s next big milestone: the KSU merger! Drawing inspiration from the SPSU hexagon and KSU mountain logos, several designs signified the unity of the campuses.

Some ideas included:

  • Incorporating digital and social media to give our seperate campus live updates
  • A relaxing place for KSU and SPSU students to congregate
  • Unifying campus identities through monument
  • Outdoor auditorium space for sharing ideas
  • Interactive Interfaces for students

The 4-hour charette ended with pizza and prizes provided by SPSU’s architecture department and AIAS.

I’m so proud of my fellow SP_Arc Hornets!

Who knows? Maybe some of these brilliant ideas will come to fruition!!!

Check out some of the event photos:




All years being check in to meet their teams!





Guess how many architecture students you can fit in a room?



AIAS President, Matt Rosenberg and Dept. Head, Tony Rizzuto rallying the troops!



Some of the AIAS board who helped make it all happen! Thanks guys!


Professors judging and picking the top 4 projects


Pizza Party after a hard day’s work!


Students voting on the People’s Choice Award 






Let’s Talk: Journey To Nevis Part III

By: Emerald Alexis

As I kneeled on my swollen suitcase zipping it closed, I could think of one word that would begin to describe my trip….Astounding. With my luggage now sealed, I sat atop my suitcase and gazed about the room, with the pastel blue walls and ivory marble tiles patterning the floor. I wanted to contain the trip, to somehow make it tangible so I could hold it in my hands. I wanted to capture every bit of memory roaming about my mind, and make a movie that would let me view every detail. This thought was interrupted by a gust of morning air flying through the window, leaving me with a new idea about this trip.

Still atop my suitcase, I realized that I had a true experience. A true experience meant I could not quantify my trip, as much as I tried. I could not lock it in a jar or pack it in my suitcase. I could not hold it in my hands. However, I could hold it in my heart. These tangible things that I would take back with me were simply small keys to the gateways of my memories. I heard mum’s voice informing me of our impending departure. How could I leave Nevis?

Nevis is in an abundance of something I have found nowhere else. There is an abundance of peace, which I took my fair share of. Nevis had my family who showed me unconditional love. The kind of love, that solidifies your foundation of self-understanding. Nevis gave me something many do not get… nourishment for the soul. With my heart filled to the brim of love, I stood up and rolled my luggage to the car, understanding that this was not the end of my journey, it was the beginning.
This was a journey so positively impacting, that I was led to a whole new path of thought. A thought that I would like to share with you: We are the sole proprietors of our destiny, we are the sole proprietors of our soul and with this understanding, I relinquish all that may oppose the development of my mind, of my body and of my soul.

Closing Thought
I wish that I could truly translate the essence of my trip so that you could feel the emotions and the love. I hope you enjoyed this series. Thanks for reading.

Part III Pick

Nevis Sunset

One life, Many Paths


How to Get an On-Campus Job


It’s been a hectic start to the semester guys, what with financial aid, dropping and adding classes and making sure to get enough sleep. I’ve been away for a while, but I’m here now! :)

I hope you guys are ready for me to drop some more knowledge on you. And this time it isn’t philosophical, moral, or parental-like guidance! No, what I’m going to give you is the precious key to making money (all without having to hop into your car and zipping off to some fat food chain to pick up after people you don’t know!). I know, I’m amazing.

I kid, obviously. But the sentiment is still the same.

So maybe where you’re from, while you were in high school, you were in school and working part-time to help pay for your car insurance, or your phone bill, or maybe even for the tuition for school now. Flash-forward and now you are probably hours away from your old job, you are in a new school but you don’t have any money. Not for the gas in your car, not for the toilet paper in your bather, not even for the dollar menu at McDonald’s (now that’s a struggle).

Not everyone is blessed with parents who give them a college allowance like a salary. So let’s get you some extra change in your pocket so that you aren’t looking at your “bordering on zero” bank account any longer and when your friends ask you if you want to go to Marietta Diner this weekend, you can confidently tell them yes and have a good time.

So Step One!

Go to SPSU’s Website –> Go to Current Students –> Go to Career Services under “Student Services” –> An then click on Career Link!

Fall -- Blog 1 - Pic1

Step 1

Fall -- Blog 1 - Pic2

Step 2

Fall -- Blog 1 - Pic3

Step 3


Or, you know, you can click right here to go straight to Career Link. But because I doubt you have this blog post open 24/7, I suggest you should do the above steps to familiarize yourself with how to get there on your own. I’ll tell you why in a sec.

So now you scrolling all the way to the bottom and register just like you would with Facebook or Twitter. And when you finally log in, you should be brought to a page that looks like this:

Fall -- Blog 1 - Pic4

Once on that page, click on Jobs! And you will see a list of jobs in the area. Can you see now why I suggested you familiarize yourself with how to get to this page? The Career Link database can help you find jobs, internships, and co-ops that are not just on campus or for the duration of your education, but for graduation and beyond. Career Link is a valuable tool if you want to find employment quickly and easily as these jobs (& employers if you are brave enough to click on that tab! ;)) are looking to hire Southern Polytechnic students! Cool right?

So anyway, click on jobs and click on Advanced Search. It is to the far right of the search bar.

A complicated list of drop down menus and text boxes will show up, but all you have to do is just go the box that is labeled Position Type and select On Campus Job.  Them press search!

Bam! Life made easy! You found a list on on-campus job! Congratulations! Now start applying.

The best times to look through this list is the beginning of the semester and the end of the semester. The departments will then be looking for hire-es because people may have graduated, transferred, or you know, dropped out. Who really knows?

Another great place to find jobs is through email and then just walking around and asking if the department is hiring. It pays to do work. … (hahahahaha…)

Okay so hopefully you guys have a glimpse of what Career Link is, and you know how to find some jobs on campus! Off campus jobs are great, but on campus jobs are very convenient and do not require much from you. These positions are very competitive though so make sre you get in there early!

That was my gold nugget advice! Hope to see you guys soon!


Reasons to Consider Greek Life



So for those of you who have not already heard, Sorority and Fraternity recruitment is right around the corner. For some of y’all, that might sound scary but for others, it might sound awesome and interesting.

For both groups of people, I suggest coming out to the Panhellenic meet and greets (for the ladies) or the IFC round robin (for the guys), which is where you really get a chance to meet the chapters in a more casual setting and have the opportunity to find your forever friends. I made the decision to “go Greek” and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made; I love my sisters and know that if I ever needed anything I could go to them for help.

But, enough about MY experience because this post is all about what YOU can get out of joining Greek Life at SPSU.

  1. A home away from home

I don’t care how cheesy you think that sounds you will shortly realize how important a support system is and in my opinion nothing is better than a support system that is ultimately working towards the same goal. This is especially important to those females on campus because I am sure you have noticed in your classes that there really are not that many females at Southern Poly. Sororities are a perfect way to find your fellow females because even for myself who was raised with boys it is nice to spend time with other females. Also you learn “It’s not four years it’s for life” which means once you are a sister you have friends that you can count on for life plus going to bid day as an alumni is pretty exciting.

  1. Leadership Opportunities

Joining any organization is really going to give you the opportunity of learning leadership but with Greek life there are a lot more opportunities for education on what leadership really means. With Greek lettered organizations, your brothers or sisters really want nothing more than to see you succeed and that includes in leadership roles. My first year after recruitment in the sorority I took on a position that was really perfectly suited for me and with the time you’ll spend with your brothers or sisters they will help you find that perfect position for you as well. There is also a minimum GPA requirement to join each Greek lettered organization which you are required to maintain which also ensures your success in college itself.


There are literally a bazillion other reasons that Greek Life is amazing but I don’t want to bore you with a ten page paper why I love Greek life when you can get out there yourself and fall in love with Greek life like I have.

Visit the link below to check out the dates for Panhellenic recruitment events


Visit the link below to check out this last week of IFC recruitment events.



By: Lauren McNitt

School has finally begun! Now that all your dorm room essentials have been moved in and your room mates met, it’s time for welcome week (welcome month)! Welcome week is a tradition here at SPSU and always completely jam packed with fun things happening. It is a great time to make new friends, rush a sorority or fraternity, and join clubs.
Some of the events we have had the past couple of days have included a luau, a hypnotist show, a medieval carnival, a battle ball tournament, fun on a slip and slide, and a foam party. And we aren’t finished! We have a comedian coming, a trip to white water, CAB (Campus Activities Board), a concert and much more! Events continue all semester as well. Both Goat Night and the annual Halloween party are right around the corner. Make sure to come out and have a good time!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Far East Movement #ROCKONSPSU

By: Laura Sherman



SPSU LIVE went all out for the beginning of the school year and brought on Far East Movement! The party started at 4:30 when the field lit up with live music and bumper-to-bumper food trucks. The 2nd Amendment from Loaded Burger was the cheesiest greasiest bite of heaven I’ve ever tasted. After a sneak peek at the awesomeness that was to unfold, I went to class and came back. The soccer field was scattered with people ziplining, playing frisbee and sitting on the lawn when suddenly the mic blared “FAR EAST MOVEMENT IS ON IN TEN MINUTES!” My friends and I were sitting just in front of the stage when we turned around to see that the scattered masses were stampeding for the stage. We flung ourselves at the guardrail and lined the FRONT ROW! Far East Movement bounced onto the stage and Prohgress shouted:




Front row, baby!


Got to carry Prohgress crowdsurfing!




Far East Movement appreciated our Southern Hospitality and gave a shout-out to Waffle House. The crowd started chanting “WA-FFLES! WA-FFLES! WA-FFLES!” and F.E.M. chanted back. It was beautiful. The crowd was bumping with an inflatable rubber duck and beach balls (not to mention Prohgress getting carried around). When it started getting hot, J-Splif rocked a sumo suit and super soaked the crowd. At some point, 2 bottles of water were refreshingly dumped on my head! F.E.M. threw T-shirts and Kev Nish failed to pop a confetti bomb, so he tossed that, too!





He later came to spray us with a supersoaker in a sumo suit!


Just to put this out there, I got to hug Prohgress. <3


Like a G6


Best night ever!


DJ Nightrain played us out to complete an awesome night.

Thanks for the memories, SPSU. :)


(Photos courtesy of SPSU Facebook)

Back-To-School Architecture Fun Day

By: Laura Sherman

And with a bang, the school year begins! Here’s a recap of the architecture department’s instant relief from an anxious first day of school: Tuesday Funday!

Complete with volleyball, twister, cornhole games, rainbow cupcake decorating and sidewalk chalk, there was no better way of dipping your toes into a new school year than to spend your last day of summer with new and old friends. The event had wonderful cause for celebration, too: the SPSU Architecture department was just accredited for an unheard of EIGHT YEARS!!! WOW! Thanks to the hard work of SPSU’s staff and students (all of whom were a part of the whirlwind preparing for accreditation), the school won’t be due for another accreditation visit until the year 2022!

So for myself, here’s to the beginning of a brand new building: the N building, the professional program for architecture. With so many additions and changes for the better happening around my department, I’m feeling optimistic for the future. There is a long road ahead for all of us this time around and many changes yet to come, but fear not. In the words of a famous Disney Channel movie, “We’re all in this together!”














Budgeting for Your First Semester at SPSU

By: Becca Tuck

The Fall semester has finally arrived and many of you will be venturing out into the adult world on your own for the first time! With this new chapter of life comes more responsibility. College is a time to learn, make friends, and prepare for your career.  However, if you’re not careful with your money it can quickly turn into a time of worry, debt, and financial stress. Budgeting is a vital skill that is required if you want to have sound finances in life. There’s good news: making a budget is easy! The bad news is, sticking to it can be much harder.

Here is a quick guide to setting up a budget for your first semester at SPSU.

Determine Your Total Income

Sit down and make a list of all sources of income you will have for the semester. This list should include savings, your parents’ contributions, job earnings (looking for a job on campus? Check out our Career Services’ Career Link!), student loans, and scholarships. The total of all of this will be the amount of money you have available to cover expenses throughout the semester.

Determine Your Fixed Expenses

Items to be included in your fixed expenses should be things like room and board, tuition and fees, car payment, cell phone, meal plan, and anything else with a fixed monthly bill that you are responsible for.  The total of all of these expenses subtracted from the total income will tell you how much money you have left over for additional expenses.

Additional Expenses

Often called flexible expenses, these additional expenses can be hard to nail down on a budget. This list will include items such as:

  • Snacks
  • Eating out
  • Drinks
  • Movies
  • Concerts
  • Transportation and car maintenance
  • Clothing and laundry
  • Doctor visits

With proper planning you can estimate your additional expenses accurately and possibly have a little extra money for an emergency fund or savings account. It’s important to review your budget often and make sure you are staying on track. Remember, creating a budget is easy but sticking to it can be a challenge.

Money Saving Tips

It’s easy to get into a habit of eating out with friends or grabbing coffee at Starbucks in the morning. These small expenses add up over the length of a semester. Here are a few tips to save money during your first semester.

Skip the $5 coffee! Over the course of a semester this can add up to a good chunk of money.

Attend campus events – Check out our campus events. Our Student Life Office and Campus Services offer tons of free entertainment and a chance to meet other students throughout the year (like the PollyTrolley!)

Use a student checking account – Avoid bank fees. Keep a close watch on your account to avoid overdraft fees.

Avoid unnecessary credit card spending – It’s easy to spend money on a credit card thinking you can pay it back later. This can quickly add up and become a major expense on your budget.

Additional Resources:

Here is a printer friendly template for making a budget. Print it out and start making your first semester budget!

Save Now or Pay Later – This student money saving guide includes over 60 tips for spending less including using state parks for entertainment and getting deals on Groupon and Amazon Local.

50+ Money Saving Tips – Although written for college students in the UK, this guide contains a lot of tips that apply to US college students such as shopping around for cheaper car insurance rates and cancelling gym membership and working out on campus or at home.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, until next time!


Let’s Talk: Journey To Nevis Part II

By: Emerald Alexis

Hesitantly, I stepped on to the shiny ivory white tile expecting a cold that would send a chill up my spine. I was pleasantly surprised to find the tile was in fact welcomingly warm. I reached for the curtain swirling about and let the gentle morning breeze wrap around me. I gazed out at the backyard, the fruit trees seemed endless, Avocados, sugar apples, mangoes. What natural abundance!, I thought. I let the curtain go and walked to the front of the house. Again, I gazed out the window, this time at the tangerine orange, flamingo pinks and sapphire blues that brushed across the sky, this was a sunrise meant to savor. Surely I thought, this is paradise, surely Nevis is paradise.

I stood there soaking in the scene before me, until murmurs from the kitchen reached my ear. Curiously, I walked to the kitchen and then stopped at the entrance. There sat three generations of women in my family, warmly conversing. You could hardly believe that’s states and even countries divided them. My mum looked at me and informed me we would be going into town. Excited, I knew town would bring even more sights to behold.








Going To Town/ Culturama

Walking through the hustle and bustle of the small town lined with shops and packed with people, a voice halted me in my steps. I looked up and realized how lucky I was. The voice halting me was from a local poet reciting his personal work. I was visiting Nevis during Culturama. Culturama is a celebration of all things Nevisian. Food, poetry, music, tradition, it was an informative and exciting time to visit. Each day there was something, a may pole wrapping, a dance and of course the poets who’s sheer passion seem to capture the crowd. I was happy to know the festivities were not limited to the day; the nights brought concerts, pageants and more to discover.


I took this photo of the may pole wrapping from inside the car. Sorry for the lines











Concert Night

My cousin and I chatted while fixing our hair and accessorizing to coordinate with our dresses. We were prepping for the concert, when we heard the rain begin to fall. It seemed to me even the rain in Nevis had a special way of dancing from the sky to the earth. Each drop performing a tiny solo twirling and leaping to the ground. However, this dancing rain was interfering with the concert we were to attend. Finally, it slowed and bowed its head gracefully, allowing us to leave.

As we walked up the street scents of fresh cooked food filled the air and music began to slip out the stadium and down the street. We stepped in line, went through security and presented our tickets for entrance. I paused as I stepped inside the complex, the excitement was palpable. Navigating through the crowd we found a spot to watch artist after artist entertain. The crowd swayed and danced fueled by the artist’s energy, the lyrics and the music. When a well-known song was performed the crowd would join in, a chorus of people enjoying the night. We danced and sang our hearts out until hours later, feet aching and music still filling our heads, we headed home. It was an evening to remember, an evening full of culture, music and joy.








Next week I will bring you the conclusion and last post in the Journey To Nevis Mini Series!

One Life, Many Paths


First Day of School To-Do List

By: Laura Sherman

With the beginning of school here, make sure all your ducks are in a row so you can focus less on stressing out and more on being the best you can be!

Check off these SPSU To-Do’s and make sure you’re on track for a successful semester

  • Order your books ASAP! Visit http://spsu.edu/bookstore and shop for your books. At checkout, you can select Financial Aid as your payment type and give your SPSU ID number.
    • To get your book list, select each department and class number of your schedule and add it to your list.

giphy (1)

  • Join a student organization! It’s a great way to get comfortable and find friends, but getting your membership before the first meeting is a MUST! The Student Life Office will be hosting the Fall Student Organization & Resources Fair on Thursday, August 14, 2014 from 11 AM until 1 PM outside of Stingers! BE THERE!


  • Buy your school supplies. Even if you don’t have one of those handy checklists like elementary school (those were the days), Google a basic one like “freshman college checklist” or “architecture/engineering student checklist”.


  • Organize! If you’re anything like me, your desktop is littered with a billion projects from finals week of last semester- yeesh. Sort them into folders so your new year is on a clean slate.


  • CHECK YOUR BANNER WEB. (https://banweb.spsu.edu)  Don’t let a hold on your account or unfiled documents ruin your first day. Review your holds, registration and authorization links.