Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

By: Emerald Alexis

When asked to introduce myself, I often find myself stumbling for words. Should I be able to describe myself in one paragraph, one sentence, one word? The questions persist. To me Introductions are a window of opportunity into retrospection, too truly question who you are. Yet, I still find myself at a loss for words to describe my life and myself.

So, I start the same most times. My name is Emerald (just like the stone). I am 20 (almost 21). I am currently a junior Mechanical Engineering major at Southern Poly. I transferred from KSU in the fall of 2013.I love tennis, I love books and writing. I really love learning new things, whether it be a new recipe or a new skill. To me, expanding your mind is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling things.

I could try to put all of me into one statement, however that would be a fallacy. I am not one paragraph, one sentence, one word. I am a lover of many things, from poetry to science, from rock to classical. I adorn many hats. I don’t think I ever want to claim that I am one thing. I want to be an open book, with a story to be forever changing. I want to write my story, so that I may look back at it with satisfaction and joy. Join me on my exploration of college, life and all the wonderment along the way.



Who am I!?

By: Jasmine Easter

For those of you who’ve been to the blog before, you’d know me as Jasmine Easter. But for those of you who don’t, you’re just out of luck.


As stated above, my name is Jasmine. I’m a sophomore at this awesome school known as SPSU, majoring in New Media Arts (sounds fun, right?)! I’m 19 years old, and I have a love for making things myself, food, writing poetry, painting, pretty much everything that is related to using my hands or making art, food, music, anything that involves me having fun, traveling, and did I mention food? I really, really, really love good food. Anywho, I typically blog about things of that nature, and also tips about how to make college or life obstacles just a little easier! There are so many things I wish people told me before I came to college, or just about life in general, and I’m here to share some of the things I’ve learned, make you giggle a little, and hopefully share a DIY project or inspirational post.

Here’s my face:


So if you see me around campus: wave! We can air-five, and I may even dance with you. Or not. But you should definitely say hi because I like meeting new people and I’m also pretty friendly! If there are ever any questions about anything: my major, my personal life, or maybe you just need a listening ear, I am here!

Return of the Blogger

By: Christopher Harris

Hey everybody!

I’m excited to be back and blogging for SPSU, last time it was a lot of fun. I’m finishing up my first semester as fraternity president (of Pi Kappa Phi), and of course helping finish the last issue of The Sting.

I’ve learned a good bit from writing for Polybloggin’. First and foremost is deadlines. With the job comes a schedule which I’m really bad at keeping up with, and I still struggle with, but I’m getting better at.

Another thing I’ve learned, in conjunction with writing for The Sting, is to keep an open eye for things going on on campus. My main goal for Polybloggin’ is to keep people informed about what’s going on, particularly with student life. The students may be hiding, but they’re still doing things!

Lastly, it’s that perspective is important. The way that I see SPSU is different than my roommate sees SPSU, which is different than you see SPSU. We’ve all come here for our own reasons, and that’s part of what makes SPSU great. We’re able to take the school and make it however we want, just by finding the right people.

I hope you all enjoy reading the posts that I and my other writers have. We sure do enjoy making them!

Intro post: Sarah Tyrlick

By: Sarah Tyrlick


Who am I? I have been asking myself this question forever. I saw in a movie once that we are all just made up of the experiences we have and the people we meet, so I guess that is what I should talk about. Elementary school is irrelevant, so I will begin by discussing middle school. These were the worst years of my life. I had approximately two friends one of which moved away. I also attended a private Jewish middle school.

After middle school, things changed. I attended a very public and loud high school in Marietta GA. I joined drama club, and had a boyfriend for a solid three years. Before college we broke up and I decided that instead of joining one club and dedicating all of my time to it, I would join everything that I had time for.

I am currently in my freshman year. I am an emerging leader, on resident hall council, Student Honors Council, I am in a sorority, I blog for the school, and I have a job at the call center. After doing so much, I feel incredibly accomplished. I am going to be a resident assistant next year, so if you are reading this as an incoming freshman feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook. I love meeting people, and I try to keep as many friends as I can. My favorite thing is Disney, and I sing all of the songs. Below are pictures from my freshman year. I hope yours will be just as rewarding as mine has been!1269548_1250705882979_279361250_o
1415030_1255325678471_224339897_o (1)

Me again! Laura Sherman

By: Laura Sherman

Hey everyone, it’s Laura!


Hopefully you remember me from the last batch of blogs. Like any good TV show or movie, it’s time for my sequel and I’m here to blog another year! For those who are new here, nice to meet you! I’m now finishing up my second year studying architecture, I love cats, and I’m an avid procrastinator. Pretty soon, life is about to get crazy for us second-years as we prepare to submit our portfolios to get accepted as true architecture students in the professional program. Look forward to some updates on my journey to the May 5th deadline as I hold on for dear life.


P.S. Coffee anyone?

Drew Forbes, Doer of Things

By: Drew Forbes

Welcome to my section of the blog!


Things I do! Stuff I’ve done as a Southern Poly student, as a campus resident, as a metro-Atlantan, or anything else I think you might be curious about.


2nd-year software engineering major, resident assistant to first-year students, and founding father of a fraternity chapter. Let’s see if I can come up with something else beyond what’s listed on my resume…

I like lots of different kinds of music. I like getting out instead of staying in. I like to try doing something new, but I’m not great at anything yet. I love to be with my friends.

I am open for suggestions on what to blog about so please leave your suggestions in the comment section!

It’s me…Sarah Massagee!

By: Sarah Massagee

Don’t forget to comment!


By: Catherine (C.J.) Brown

Since this is my first ever Polybloggin’ post I wanted to give you a little introduction of myself. My name is Catherine Brown but I have gone by the name C.J. since I was a baby. I was born April 1, 1991. I am an English and Professional Communications major who is currently set to graduate in Spring 2015. I grew at Southern Poly quite literally because both of my brothers, who are 9 and 7 years older than me, attended Southern Poly and played on the baseball team. Some of my favorite things to do for fun include going snowboarding up in Boone, NC, painting canvases, baking sweet treats, and playing with my adorable (almost) two year old niece.

I actually started out at another college before finding my home at Southern Poly and earned my Associates degree in Communications from Georgia Highlands College. I am extremely involved or at least have dabbled in a little bit of everything at my awesome school. This includes being part of a sorority, formerly being a DJ for the radio station, being part of the National Society of Leadership and Success, being a campus ambassador, volunteering with Science Olympiad competitions, and one of my favorite things, which is volunteering with SOPOWO also known as Southern Poly’s Women’s day.I also like to volunteer off campus at my church with our American Heritage Girls troop where I am a unit leader.

Some other personal stuff about me: I grew up in Acworth, Georgia. I graduated in 2009 from Kennesaw Mountain High School. My favorite color is purple. I love pretty much all Italian food (except anything with mushrooms since I’m allergic). Lastly, I got engaged  on March 26, 2014 on the campus I adore so much.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.12.29 AM

Above is one of the many groups I love being part of, the SPSU Ambassadors, and I at our wonderful college. I am wearing the bright green sunglasses!

Hello :)

By: Ruth Petit-Bois

Hi! It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Ruth Petit – Bois (last name is pronounced “Puh-Tee Bwa”), and I am a sophomore here at Southern Poly! I have Software Engineering as my major of focus and I enjoy (almost) every minute of it! For this introduction post, instead of doing the customary and telling you about myself, I’m going to put up a couple of questions from “tagging posts” and answer them. Maybe that’ll make things a bit more interesting?

Describe yourself in 7 words.

Quiet. Awkward. Intelligent. Kind. Stubborn. Creative.

My state of being.

My usual state of being.

Where are you from?

I’m from New York, New York! :) Lots of people don’t think that about me because I don’t have the accent — or the attitude. I think New York is a lot more than that, but I’m not the majority.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you be?

Japan! Or France. I would love to go to those two places simply because Japan in the technological capital of the world (pertaining to my major) and it’s culture is really fascinating! My childhood was mainly shaped by Japanese culture so I’m partial to it even now. I would also like to go to France simply because I’ve somewhat learned the language and it’s a pretty stereotypical place to go. I’d like to say that is one of the places I’ve been just because I can!

Off we go to Japan (or France)

Off we go!

Favorite Show?

I’m really into Detective Conan on the anime side, and Lie to me on the traditional American drama side. :)

Favorite Artist(s)?

Well, at the moment, I’m really into Bastille, OneRepublic, and Boyce Avenue. That’s on a contemporary level though. I also am a big fan of Contemporary Christian music and I love Hillsong, Brandon Heath, and Francesca Batistelli!



What do you plan on blogging about?

I plan to bring  you guys a true-to-life account of campus life. I’m going to talk about the things we have to do, the things we wish we didn’t have to do,  and the things that we do whether we have to do them or not. Be prepared to read about things like taking care of yourselves, tips to successful studying, and awkward situations we encounter (and if they haven’t happened yet, they will. I promise you they will).

Okay! It was nice to meet you and I’m glad you stuck with this so long! See you soon! :)


This is Me!

By: Lauren McNitt

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Kari McNitt and I am a freshman here at SPSU. I’m an Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) major with a potential minor in Engineering Design graphics. Although those are very technical major titles, I would consider myself to be a very creative person. Some of my hobbies include: playing piano, playing tennis, wake boarding, diving, traveling, drawing, and acting. I’m also a diabetic. By writing this blog I hope to do a couple of things for you, the reader. Firstly, I want to inform you on all the fun activities and quirky stuff we have on and around campus. I also aim to give you a glimpse of what it’s going to be like in college; the types of papers you will write, the labs you will do etc. Finally, I aspire to be entertaining. College is fun and I hope that shows in my blog. Happy reading!